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Mantic Crazy Bag Sale for 1 week only

Mantic Games is having their Crazy Bag Sale for 1 week only.

The Crazy Bag is a Mantic Messenger Bag filled with a random assortment of plastic miniatures. It’s a massive deal, containing 20 random plastic sprues – anything from Undead Zombies to Forge Father Steel Warriors (Yep, there will be Warpath in this one!) – it’s a great little package, containing all manner of bits to convert your figures with or to add to your collection of miniatures.

We’ve only 137 bags left in our warehouse (and once they’re gone, they’re gone) so we’ve also put together a bundle of sprues without the bag as well – that’s 20 sprues of miniatures for £20!

We’re only able to offer this great little package for one week only – plenty of time for us to help you stock up on great plastic miniatures for the summer. Our little crazy bag has to finish 11:59pm Monday 7th May.