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Mantic Battle Foam Bags are Available

Mantic Games announces the availability of their Brranded Battle Foam bags:

From their announcement:

The top story has to be the visit from Romeo of Battle Foam. He swung by, dropped off some of the new Mantic/Battle Foam bags and did a video for us talking about all the features on the big, small bags.

The most impressive fact we discovered was just how many models you can fit into each bag. In the standard load out you can fit over 250 figures in the foam trays – enough even for a Mantic sized army, and the best value-for-money way to carry your models – just what you would expect from a product with Mantic on it! However, these bags are fantastically well made, with all the quality touches you expect from Battle foam and they come with the trademark Battle Foam guarantees (1 year on the bag and a lifetime on the foam). To find out more, watch the video he recorded for us!

The bag is available in a number of ways – you can buy it empty (and use it to carry round your existing Mantic boxes!), with a standard load out – which allows you to fit a huge Kings of War army (or even armies from other manufacturers ;) You can also buy a custom load out which includes an exclusive voucher that you can use on the Battle Foam website and can design your own foam trays to fit your orc buggies, Forge Father Jotuun heavy cannons and made up Kings of War and Warpath units (see voucher for details)! Finally, you can get it pre-bundled with one of our Army Sets and get yourself a free blister for your trouble!