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Mantic are giving away free Journals

Mantic Games are giving away free copies of the Mantic Journal with select orders. From their announcement:
To celebrate the new edition of the Mantic Journal, we’re giving a free Journal 3 away with all orders over £50/€65/$75 – so if you haven’t sampled the delights of the Mantic Journal before, you can grab yourselves £50 of Orcs (or anything else that’s taken your fancy, like the new Green Menace Game Bundle), and get yourself a free journal to play with too. This edition is a bumper Orc special (with Abyssal Dwarfs mixed in for some extra spiky goodness). With Orc background, stories, a new scenario (both for Kings of War and Dwarf King’s Hold), part 2 of Alessio’s Birth of King’s Of War article, as well as designer notes from Jake Thornton on Dwarf King’s Hold, we’re so proud of this edition of the journal and we think it’s the best yet, so grab your copy now