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Mantic Announces Warpath Kickstarter Launch Date

Ronnie and the fellows over at Mantic have been very busy lately They've been sending out thousands of boxes of Kings of War and DreadBall XTreme to the various backers of those campaigns. Dungeon Saga will be the next one to get to the warehouses and shipped out to a grateful gaming community. However, this update isn't about those games. It's about Warpath, Mantic's sci-fi army game. They weren't happy with the first version and so they're getting set for a new Kickstarter campaign for the game.

Enforcer Peacekeeper

The alpha rules have been thoroughly gone over and are in further development. Mantic wanted to create a game that was highly scaleable. You could start out with 20-30 guys and play just fine, but then move up to full army-size games of potentially millions of minis and still play! ... Ok, maybe Ronnie didn't specifically say "millions of figures," but I guess you could if you wanted to.

The campaign for the new version of Warpath will start on September 21st. So just 10 days from now.