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Mantic announces new Warpath Bundles

Mantic Games has announced new bundles for their launch for Warpath.

From their announcement:

The Warpath Release is approaching at the speed of light, thank you to everyone who has placed a pre-order on the website, your order will be with you in just a few more sleeps!

Always the Mantic aim is to deliver the best value possible - with as many cool models as can be crammed into a box! So whether you buy directly from us, or from your local gaming store, you can be sure there is no better way to get a huge force. And as with any Mantic army deal, you get lots of figures, the convenience of buying an army in one go, and it is always at a great price.

We have put together a great selection of Warpath launch deals to celebrate the upcoming launch. These not only offer great value and convenience - but there is a little extra discount when buying each set individually.

Any Warpath bundle orders placed with us before the launch will also get:

- the latest, printed version of the Warpath rules, free.

- the new releases on the day of launch.

- and your order with shipped free to anywhere in the world.

Continuing in this fashion, we have created four new amazing value Bundle Deals - so there is now one designed to suit every budget!

Grognark's Rage Marauder Army Deal
Cramming 70 miniatures and 3 Raptors into one box, the Marauder Army Deal gives you powerful heavy weapons such as the Ripper Claw, which combined with the Raptor's transport ability means you can close in quickly with your enemies and start tearing them apart.

This army is a brutal combat machine and when an equivalent army from elsewhere costs over twice as much, is also great value.

Thorin's Hammer Forge Army Deal
This army deal is really packing heat – three Jotunn Heavy Hailstorm Cannons link up with the Stormrage Veteran’s Hailstorm Autocannons to provide a devastating barrage of armour piercing rounds, whilst the Steel Warriors Section provide a solid firebase in support.

With 40 finely detailed elite figures and 3 Jotunns, this is the best value for money way to get a brilliant new Forge Father army in one click!