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Mantic Announces NaNoWriMo Contest

While I certainly am a prolific writer (23,346 posts here on TGN at the time this one goes live), I'm certainly not much of a storyteller. Or, at the very least, I type up ~10 stories a day, but most are about 2 paragraphs lone. I'm the master of the short-subject, I guess. :D What I'm not good at writing, though, is fiction. However, if you're unlike me, and you are good at writing fiction, you might want to check out Mantic's NaNoWriMo contest.

Some of you might be sitting there going, "What the hell is NaNoWriMo?" Well, that's National Novel Writing Month. In the month of November, people are challenged with writing a novel. Yes, a whole novel in one month. Someone get G.R.R.M. on this one. Mantic is looking to read your stories based on the world of Mantica and Warpath. In a couple days, they'll make available packets that will give you a writing prompt. Simply write a story based on that and turn it in. Don't worry, though. They're not asking you write a whole novel. They just want stories that are 10 pages or less. Along with store credit, the winning authors will have a chance to have their stories published.