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Mantic Announces Hellboy In Mexico Expansion

Hellboy has gone on all sorts of adventures, hunting down strange creatures, spirits, and deities all over the world. In particular, he's had some adventures South of the border, down Mexico way. As part of the Hellboy board game Kickstarter, Mantic has decided to toss a new expansion into the ring. If you ever wanted Luchadore-Hellboy, now's your chance. However, it's only available during the Kickstarter, so this add-on is a "now or never" deal.

From the post:

Today we’ve got something very special for Add-On Wednesday over on the Hellboy Kickstarter – a brand new expansion! When we started developing the Hellboy board game we always knew we wanted to take inspiration from the core Hellboy storyline. We wanted to start with Seed of Destruction before moving through to Conqueror Worm and perhaps even take a stroll to Darkness Calls and more… but that’s for another day ?

We did the same thing with our hugely successful Walking Dead: All Out War game. Here we progressed through the storyline, offering new narrative-based scenarios, characters and gameplay elements.

However, if you’re a fan of the Hellboy comics you’ll know that Hellboy often goes off and has his own weird and wonderful adventures outside of the main timeline. Whether it’s fighting against floating Japanese heads, ventriloquist’s dummies or iron-shoed goblins, Hellboy has some pretty wild adventures away from the BPRD.

Among our favourite series of stories were those collected in the Hellboy in Mexico collection. These told the tale of Hellboy’s five-month ‘drunken weekend’ in which he teamed up with luchadores to fight vampires, wore some pretty interesting outfits, got married and drank a lot of tequila! We loved the unusual cast of characters and the opportunity to create a miniature of Hellboy in a wrestling costume was too good to pass up.