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Mantic announces Azure Forest Galactic Tour for DreadBall

Mantic has announced, and is taking orders for, their first Galactic Tour pack for DreadBall. This one's the Azure Forest.


From the announcement:

DreadBall has been out for just over a year now, and Mantic's marking the occasion with the launch of the Galactic Tour Series!

This is a series of optional supplements for the game, each of which will focus on a regional variant of the sports game we've all come to know and love. The first to be released is the Azure Forest pack, based around the way DreadBall is played on a forest moon at the edge of Corporation space.

Azure Forest games are set to bring new challenges to veteran and novice DreadBall coaches alike. There are rules for the weather, additional actions for Cheerleaders, and a new set of cards that can be shuffled into the regular deck to add new events like "Insect Swarm" and "Falling Fauna"! There's also a set of "Jungle Blessings", temporary player abilities that can be called on to boost your chances of victory.

The pack contains a 34-page full colour rules booklet, a pack of 15 new cards, the new MVP A'Teo Adysi (a.k.a. The Savage, whose rules are also included) and the coveted Azure Forest Trophy! It is being produced in a strictly limited quantity of 3000 copies, after which the rules will only be available as a digital download, so head to the Mantic store and pre-order yours today!