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Mantic announce Speedball tie-in

Mantic keeps chugging along with their second DreadBall Kickstarter campaign. They've added a tie-in with the Bitmap Brothers to create an MVP of their Speedball 2 cover character.


From the update:

We’ve teamed up with The Bitmap Brothers to produce Weiss, a new MVP based on the iconic Speedball 2: Brutal Deluxe cover art.

Speedball is a fantastic sci-fi sports video game with origins dating back to the 80s, loved and revered by many, including our own Curis Webb, who has spent all of his time preparing for the Xtreme Kickstarter by playing it on his iPhone. If you want to give the latest version a go you can download Speedball 2 Evolution from the Apple App Store or Speedball 2 HD for PC on Steam!

There’s no stretch goal for this miniature, we’re simply making him available so that you can add him onto your pledge for $10. If you've got friends who just want the mini they can choose the Disorder level and just pick up the mini for $10!

Oh, and Frenzy backers get Weiss for free!

Please help us spread the word with this guy – tell everyone! Blogs, Facebook, Twitter… we want the world to know that Weiss is here!