Mantic announce Point Reward plan

Mantic Games have announced a Point Reward plan.

From their website:

Mantic Games are proud to announce the launch of their reward scheme – Mantic Points.

In every box of Mantic product there are a number of Mantic Points (usually on the sticker sheet, and you normally get 1 per 10 figures in the set (or 1 for a Warmachine), so a Warhost will get you 6 Mantic points. We will also give them out at events and for competition prizes.
You stick the points on to a collector’s card, and send them in to redeem them. Cards can be found in mail orders, packed in the product, at your local hobby store, and downloadable from the web (you can always use a piece of paper from home – just remember to add your name and address to it.)

Check out their site for full details.