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Mantic Adds The Fear in the Darkness Expansion To Star Saga Kickstarter

Even the biggest, baddest person you know can easily get freaked out by being plunged into total darkness. Suddenly being able to see what made that "bump" noise can cause chills to run down just about anyone's spine. And in the Warpath universe, there's plenty of things to fear that crawl and creep around in the dark. Enough so that Mantic's adding a whole Fear in the Darkness expansion to their Star Saga Kickstarter campaign.

Now, normally, you'd expect this to be an add-on to your pledge. Mantic, though, has decided that with the success of the Kickstarter so far, they're just going to add it right on to the core pledge for the campaign. Yeah, this isn't just 1-2 free models like you usually see as free unlocks. This is an entire expansion that gives you more than a dozen new figures for your game. They come with their stat cards as well as a mission book full of scenarios for using the figures.

This is a Kickstarter-exclusive expansion. So if you want it, you need to join in the campaign. There's still 15 days to do that, if you're so interested.