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Mantic Adds Scenery-Only Pledge to Deadzone Kickstarter

Mantic continues to roll along with their Deadzone Kickstarter campaign. Though, for those of you that just want the terrain that they've got as part of the game, they've heard your pleas and have created a terrain-only pledge level. The sets utilize the same terrain system that Mantic has come to be known for. The system creates easy-to-build, modular terrain that can be put together and taken apart many times. Or you can set a style you like and glue it permanently in place. The choice is up to you.

From the announcement:

The Battlezones Scenery Only pledge is now live on the Deadzone: infestation Kickstarter! Get the new industrial scenery for your sci-fi wargame of choice, whether you're building a great Deadzone board like this one here, a wargames table for 40K, or something nuts for a game like X-wing or Infinity. This scenery is perfect for all of them, and more.