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Mantic adds new Mars Attacks Kickstarter pledge level for this weekend only

Mantic has added a special pledge level to their Mars Attacks Kickstarter for this weekend only. If you want to get in on the Bloodshed on the Battlefield level, you'd best hurry. They've also got some new preview artwork and stretch goals up to check out.


From the update:

BLOODSHED ON THE BATTLEFIELD includes one copy of the Mars Attacks – The Miniatures Game, PLUS $325 worth of Core Add-ons of your choice, PLUS all applicable stretch goal rewards, for just $300!

That's right - you get more than your actual pledge value in Core Add-ons (which are already discounted from the MSRP) AND the base game, plus all the boxed set upgrades! This will be the only time in the campaign where you get more credit than the amount you pledge!

This special level will only be available until midnight Sunday 13th October (PDT) – once we hit that time they’re out, so you’ve only got one chance! We’re opening these up in batches and, if we sell out before Sunday evening, we will open up a fresh batch so you can get involved before the clock runs down - but only until Sunday evening!