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Mantic Adds New Expansion to Hellboy Kickstarter

The Hellboy comic series has had many memorable and important storylines within it. For the board game, Mantic is looking to bring as many of those directly to your tabletop as they can. In this case, they've added a new expansion set that gets them one step closer. it's the Darkness Calls expansion, and undead abound!

From the update:

When we started out with the Hellboy project, we always wanted to progress along the timeline and pick out key moments from the Hellboy storyline. The core game starts with Seed of Destruction, before progressing to Conqueror Worm. Along the way we meet the likes of Baba Yaga and Ualac, and while there are so many great mini stories, and fantastic characters, we wanted expansions to be big deals in the Hellboy storyline.

'Darkness Calls' stood out as the next key part of Hellboy's tale... and also gave us the opportunity to create a whole new theme of bad guys, and offer fresh gameplay opportunities.

• The undead army that Hellboy fights will be brand new minions, while the iconic Koschei the Deathless will form the ominous end of mission confrontation and a pair of undead witches are mini bosses

• Alongside this you’ve got a new hero: Henry Hood. He is the undead witchfinder that fights alongside (and against) Hellboy. He poses the opportunity for some interesting gameplay mechanics because he’ll be tough against witches/undead but will potentially attack Hellboy too. Meanwhile, back-up comes in the form of the wolf that helps Hellboy in his battle against the undead

This all comes in a brand new £35 expansion, which you can add to your pledge

Only a day and change left to get in on the campaign.