Mantic add new Revenant pictures

Mantic Games have updated their online store with new photos of their 28mm plastic Undead Revenant miniatures.

From their website:

New images of the Revenant sets have been added to the website.

The Revenant sprues contains enough pieces to create ten highly detailed plastic armoured Skeletons, with options for a command group and loads of fun bitz as well. A Revenant Regiment combines both of these sprues together, giving you 20 of these figures and 2 Mantic Points.

And, if that’s not enough, the Revenant Regiment Deal is still going, giving you 60 of these plastic wargaming figures, perfect for amassing loads of troops for a fantasy battle.

For more details on these superb kits, visit our webstore here, where you will also be able to watch a review from the guys at Beasts of War. Don’t forget, free shipping ends 31st March, so now is the time to grab your Mantic set.