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Mansions of Madness puzzles previewed

Fantasy Flight Games have posted a new article looking at the structure of the puzzles in the upcoming Mansions of Madness Cthulhu boardgame. From their website:
In Mansions of Madness, players explore many different locations where sinister individuals are hiding their deadly secrets. These individuals often resort to extreme methods to protect their secrets, such as creating elaborate puzzles to challenge the minds of those they see as inferior. Yet many investigators possess cunning wits, and manage to solve even the most daunting these mental traps. However, the question must be asked, what is worse? Being defeated by such a puzzle, or being devoured by the shapeless entity that lies beyond the locked door? Our delve into the many workings of Mansions of Madness, the macabre board game of exploration, storytelling, and investigation for 2-5 players, has thus far shown us how to construct the story, how to equip investigators, the makeup of an investigator’s turn, and how the keeper operates. Today we’ll take a look at one of the game’s most unique aspects: the puzzles.