Manorhouse Workshop Update #6 – The Mummies

Manorhouse Workshop has posted up another preview of their upcoming underground terrain Kickstarter. And what’s an underground terrain Kickstarter without mummies, hmm?


From the post:

Hello to all.
Today we present an our collaborator of longtime Alessio Cisbani,
fantastic painter. He was part of the team in the realization of our game skirmish “Mindstalkers.”
Today Alessio returns to cooperate with us in the role of designer and sculptor. It ‘s really versatile as character.
Of course in a underground that respectable can not miss the crypts. And taking a cue from Italian crypts, we have created our terrifying burial sites.
here are some sketches of the “guests” that you will find inside.
Alessio writes of himself:
Alessio “Wolfbane” Cisbani is an Italian freelance miniature sculptor and painter. He won several important prizes as painter, like Golden Demon trophy by Games Workshop. He sculpted and painted for Mindstalkers MHW Greebo Games, Easternfront Studios, Rolljordan miniatures, Troll Outpost miniatures, Another World miniatures, Ghost Train Games, Wrathborn skirmish game and now back to collaborate with Manorhouse Workshop.
Tomorrow you will be able see the first W.I.P. of the miniatures Realized from Alessio on the basis of his designs.