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Manorhouse Workshop Update #10 3D Bases Ideal for Forgotten Halls

Manorhouse Workshop has some more info about their 3D base terrain for us today. This time, they show us their base plate terrain pieces upon which you can use their 3D hallways. Without a firm foundation, no building will stand for long, and Manorhouse is looking to make sure you're building on a firm foundation.

From the article:

Happy new year to everyone!
Let’s start the 2017 by presenting how our 3D Bases work with our Forgotten Halls project.
The 3D Bases are prefect to create a gaming area where to build the Forgotten Halls structures.

Today we are showing you the Stone Slabs. Like their name say, those represent stone slabs of 25x25mm.
They are ideal for any RPG, boardgame, skirmish or other which use a grid area to move.
Here we are using 4 bases of 30x30cm, for an overall gaming area of 60x60cm