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Manorhouse Workshop Underground preview #2

Manorhouse Workshop gives us another look at their upcoming crowdfunding project with a second preview of their Underground terrain sets.



From the post:

We have a lot of interesting news in this regard. We start from our walls that can be overlapped on one another with no height restrictions with much ease and stability.

Our walls are dynamic: some internal parts of the walls can be removed of whole or in part. Thus creating new walls for larger rooms or generate potential secret passages.

The ability to “modify” the walls, and their superposition makes it possible to vary in a thousand different ways the development of the structures.
The doors can be replaced with sliding walls to change the design or to conceal a secret passage.

As we have seen the installation of individual sections is quick and easy.
But not enough. The individual floors are usable from both sides.

In this case we have a side with the sewers and the other side with three different examples of flooring. (The texture of the examples always recreates of squares of 25×25 mm.)

We are sure that you have whetted your interest.
To the next Update. Lorenzo