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Manorhouse Workshop relaunches Indiegogo campaign

Manorhouse Workshop has relaunched their Indiegogo campaign. Go and have a look-see.


From the campaign:

Our vision is to design a new series of kits of 28-35mm scale, that will recreate a complete, typical italian medieval village, with its fortified walls, the manor, the church, the water mill, the center of the village with the Arengario and the houses which surround the central tournament square...
but also typical medieval stores, like the blacksmith, the shoe repairer, the butcher... and many more, which we will reveal progressively as the project unfolds

At moment we have created all this and much more will be done...
But, the basic design will start only with the village formed from the watermill and houses.
Only you can decide whether to go further and get everything you see in the images below.. and much more!