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Manorhouse Workshop previews more artwork for upcoming Indiegogo campaign

Manorhouse Workshop is showing off some more preview sketches for the terrain they're planning on making for their upcoming Indiegogo campaign.

From the preview:

Hi to all.

Two other subjects: the open tower and the configuration of the square of the village.
In the drawings we can see the particular construction of the tower with the characteristic the spalto that exceeds the tower and at the same time allows the access to the inside.
The first draft of the square of the village. At the center is only sketched the Arengario that allow the view of the modular multi-storey houses that surround it. The houses will be formed by more separate floors between them and of different sizes: 15x10xh 6 cm. 10x10xh6 cm. 5x10x h6 cm., The arcade will be high instead of 7-8 cm.

Regards, Lorenzo