Manorhouse Workshop previews more art for their upcoming Indiegogo campaign

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May 31st, 2013

Manorhouse Workshop continues to prep for their upcoming Indiegogo campaign. Here’s some artwork for the big masterpiece for the event.

From the preview:

Hello to all.

Today we present the new Manor, which will become the largest and most important piece of the whole Indiegogo project.
As you can see is really impressive. About 46 cm. per side.
Composed of many buildings and of the new towers from the battlements Ghibellines.

We also see the other side of the manor. We can better see the overhang that covers half the keep and that combines the two walls, those of the manor and those that surround the village. The Barbican defends the entrance with its piombatoi helped by two side from fortified walls. We note also the details of the Barnacane with the new system of construction of the roof, in addition to the practical fixing system of interlocking doors and possibly the masonry of the door in the case did not serve an output.

Information of service: the design of the first part of the village and burning of the first building (water mill) took longer than expected. Also because we have decided during construction to make the project much more elaborate than what we had set at the beginning. This is due in large part to your support and tuuti the positive comments that there are arrived. to convincing us to expand and make more complex models already studied. So thank you for your support at the same time we apologize for having to move to June 17 departure of the Indiegogo. in the meantime we will keep you updated on all the proposals that we will prepare before the actual departure and I can assure you that all the proposals will be really cool

regards Lorenzo

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  • Gallant

    Anyone else get the feeling this press release was a product of Google Translate? I. They produce some nice, but very pricey scenery for gaming late medieval Italy. They’re a niche within a niche. I hope their Indiegogo campaign works out if it allows them to branch out a bit.

    • Well, the people at the company are ESL, after all.
      There’s a very good chance it was written in one language and then translated.

  • puster

    I will surely take a good look at this campaign. Depending on value for money, I might jump in.

  • Hi to all, I’m Lorenzo.

    sorry for my bad english.
    I hope that what is written is understandable.
    Meanwhile, thanks for your comments.

    our Indiegogo will allow us to obtain lower prices for ours items and for all buyers.
    from our side we will put all our skills to get of the fantastic kits.

    regards, Lorenzo

    • JV Indiegogo

      Hey Lorenze,

      I work at Indiegogo as their Gaming Vertical Lead send me a draft of your campaign when it is ready to go and I can look it over for you. My email is [email protected]


  • Gallant

    I wasn’t trying to make fun, Lorenzo; my German is rotten, as my neighbors all like to point out. I look forward to your Indiegogo release. Your scenery style is really appealing.

  • Hi Gallant,

    I never thought you wanted to tease me.
    I know that my English is not the best, indeed.
    thanks for your comment for regard of my products.

    thanks John, I’ll contact you in private.

    regards to all, Lorenzo