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Manorhouse Workshop posts update 14 for the Village terrain piece

Manorhouse Workshop continues their series on the progress of their village terrain piece over on their blog.


Form the update:

Hello to all.

finally the houses are completate. to you remember more than four months ago, when I presented an agglomerate of 3D shapes in polystyrene?
oday we gave it shape and substance to this agglomeration.
This large home consists of 1 set of houses brick and 1 set stone houses, most of the rewards and a couple of add on: the arcades and the long covered balcony.
As can be noted the modularity is very high. This is just one of thousands of possible combinations. Imagine with only two perks what you could get.
The size of the building are really impressive compared to the miniatures
At the next update we’ll see the various components and other great combinations.