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Manorhouse Workshop posts update 13 for their The Village terrain project

Manorhouse Workshop gives us another look into the progress for their The Village terrain project with their next update.

From the update:

Hello to all.

We came to the texture of brick. in addition to adopting a new anchoring system for balconies and bridges to buildings. The processing of the bricks has took away a lot of time to make them less “flat” as possible. so we worked digging and creating recesses the making it all the most the texture visible and all is very much appealing.
We have also changed the docking system of suspension bridges, are now independent and can be positioned at any height of the plane and not as before only at to 2nd.
Of course with of supports, with a portico can be placed also a terraces.

I am sure that this update will be to your liking.

At the next update, Lorenzo