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Manorhouse Workshop posts The Village update 21

Manorhouse Workshop gives us another look into their Village terrain set in preparation for their relaunch of their Indiegogo campaign.


From the update:

Hello to all.
Lacking 23 days at the start of the campaign.
As promised here are the pictures of the Barbican and of the new guard post covered and of the Overhangs covered.
Three other important pieces to the fortified walls of the village.
What now with these additions can be defined a real city!
With the next update, we will begin to present in detail all the perks, rewards and add-ons of the campaign.
Starting from the simple water mill, to go to the village picoolo, the added of Arengario and the addition of the first walls, to get to form a real city with massive fortifications.
On the basis to the wishes and needs of the individual funder.
To the next update, Lorenzo