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Manorhouse Workshop posts project update 23

Manorhouse Workshop has posted up another update for their upcoming relaunch of their Indiegogo campaign. This time they look at the perks for those that fund the project.


From the post:

Hello to all.
Today we present all of the perks preparated for the campaign.
The project was divided into several steps:
1st step is the construction of a small village formed by the water mill and from six houses to 2 storey, plus many accessories.
the target will be set at € 9,000.00 to fund the village.
Reached 1st goal. There will be many other objectives at different levels of funding, arriving in fact to create a real Italian medieval fortified city.
That’s all that’s in store for the start of the Manorhouse Workshop campaign on Indiegogo.
But it is only the beginning. There will be a lot of added with the passage of days and the achievement of various levels of funding: Arengario, towers, fortified walls, the Barbican and much more …
to next update, Lorenzo