Manorhouse Workshop posts project update 20, including Indiegogo relaunch date

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Nov 4th, 2013
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Manorhouse Workshop gives us another look into how things are going on with their Village terrain piece as well as letting us know that November 30th they’ll be relaunching their Indiegogo campaign.


From the update:

Hello to all.

On November 30th 2013 will start the new Manorhouse Workshop campaign on Indiegogo. we are finishing the latest models to best present the project. During the next updates will be presented in an explanatory all the perks, add-ons and rewards of the campaign.

In this new update focus with our eyes on the fortified walls and towers. a italian medieval village without its own wall that protects it, is not can be called a true villageā€¦ therefore, we are creating the fortified walls and here are the first images of the work made. Of course is not completed yet completely, lack the internal parts of the models. but we needed to see how resulted all in 3D and their proportions. I must say that the result is remarkable.
Once terminated the walls and towers, we shall pass to the Barbican to complete the first part of the models to be presented in the campaign on Indiegogo.

Your every comment is welcome. to the next Update Lorenzo

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  • puster

    This project is progessing fine, and I hope I can take part in the Indigogo campaign. It will likely not suffice for the walls, but nonetheless…

    They look good, though I am a bit sceptical about the part were the walls connect – there will be a vertical joint were none should be. Perhaps some protrusion to cover this era which looks like a small wall reinforcement?

    On another note, I am not sure wether city walls – even for villages, should be hollow to walk in – certainly not on the ground level. It certainly looks impressive and the ability to put handgunners behind the embrasures is tempting, but militarily it would make more sense to put this section full of rubble without embrasures.

    Anyway, looking forward to the next step…