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Manorhouse Workshop posts Indiegogo campaign update #9

Manorhouse Workshop posted another update for their Indiegogo campaign with a look at the rewards for their project.


From the update:

We are at the turning point with regard to the financing of the campaign. And of the e-mails that come to us, know us that you have been waiting impatiently to unlock even the Arengario and Castle.
To make that this happen is enough a your small contribution that allows us to approach more and more to unlock them.
So we thank all those who are supporting us.
With this new update, we to know in detail a new proposal, which is to the benefit of all those who are funding our project.

For those who buy at least 250 € of product (perks and/or add-ons), you can get additional goodies every further 100 € of additional purchase.
For every 100 €, you can get for free any 1 reward from those publicized. Of course, this 1 additional reward is in addition to the ones already earned for your contribution...

Regards, Lorenzo