Manorhouse Workshop launches their Indiegogo campaign

By Polar_Bear
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Jun 17th, 2013

Manorhouse Workshop launched their Indiegogo campaign. Go get yourself some terrain.

From the campaign:

Hi everyone, my name’s Lorenzo Marchetto, founder of Manorhouse Workshop, which deals with 28-35mm Wargames’ and modelism kit making since more than 13 years.

Our main activity is the production of buildings, sceneray elements, and modular gaming tables for tridimensional wargames and static modelism.

During our years of activity, we did work wiht a lot of national and international societies of this sector, providing them with dioramas, models, and other works. Those societies inclues Games Workshop, Rackham, Italeri, Wizards of the Coast, without forgetting editors’ houses like Hachette and Hobby&Work, or TV channels like Disney Channel and RAI.

When working with privates collectionists or players, we did give birth to historical or fantasy’s reproductions, like Helm’s Deep of the Lord of the Rings, Falkenstein Castle in Corinthia or the Templar Castle of Almuruol in Portugal.

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  • surprize

    This is an interesting approach and I’ll be interested to see if they can pull it off. Essentially for Europe outside of Italy there is €25 delivery which makes most of the smaller perks expensive, coupled with that you only get rewards at €120+ (so €145 for EU), they are obviously targeting the big pledges (like CMoN and Mantic Kickstarters). I think they’ll need to hit the €28,000 goal early and have lots of stretch goals in order to keep it rolling for 2 months, otherwise this might flounder a bit.

  • Gallant

    They do seem to be targeting people with deep pockets for gaming scenery, specifically Italians with deep pockets for medieval gaming scenery. I’m guessing that this is not the biggest market.

    I’ve got some friends down south who could get the package for me so I don’t pay the shipping, but I’m not really on board enough to pledge right now. They need to put up pictures of the pieces they’re offering in the Indiegogo along with better examples of what they’re doing for this campaign. If I’m not throwing down over €120, why should I contribute?

    This is not to knock Manorhouse. I think they do really beautiful scenery and I hope the can continue to expand their lineup.

  • Hi, at the moment there are some draft that you find in the gallary.
    during the 2 months of the project on Indiegogo will be shown the work in progress of every model.

    shipments in Italy are really expensive…
    I can only say that a part of the cost of shipping is has been removed. (5-10euro in based on the weight)
    what remains to be paid after the 25 €, pay Manorhuouse Workshop …

    regards. Lorenzo

  • Schmapdi

    How are Americans supposed to know how much to pay for shipping when it’s charging by weight and there are no weight estimates given per pledge?

  • within the week will post the weight of the individual kits or combinations of them.
    we are aware that shipments are a delicate issue, especially for us Italian.
    so we will try as far as possible of simplify everything.

    for any question contact me. [email protected]

    regards, Lorenzo