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Manorhouse Workshop having a sale on their Italian Villa

Manorhouse Workshop has a great deal going on for their Italian Villa terrain pieces. You could make a whole table with just this stuff.

From the announcement:

Aristocratic Italian Villa:
(Until April 15 promotional discount of 20% on price this item – your price will be only 128,00 €)
Product Code: – MHW Italian Villa 0001

Description: This box contains:
3 Houses, 2 small cottages, 2 towers, 6 overhangs, 1 fontain, 12 doors.
HEIGHT: 28 cm
WIDTH: 65 cm. about
LENGTH: 65 cm. about
Suitable for miniatures from 25mm up to 40mm scale

Material: Synto Stone (hard stone plaster similar polyester resin )
Price (VAT Included): € 160.00