Tercio Creativo preview Tierra de Nadie terrain

By tgn_admin
In Terrain
Aug 3rd, 2011

Tercio Creativo have posted photos of the terrain they built for the Tierra de Nadie event.

TDN terran

From their announcement:

Here you are finally the scenery we have prepared for TDN with the buildings that Escenorama made for us.

  • Sergus

    Manorhouse Workshop? No, Tercio Creativo XD

    • Zac

      Oops. I’ve corrected the story.

  • Amarel

    I want someone to get a bit confused and accidentally send that to my house!

  • I left their website immediately because of the music…Otherwise, I might have browsed and enjoyed some of their work.

    I didn’t stay long enough to turn it off, if there is a way. Anyone know?

    • Myrthe

      Umm … turn your speakers off ?? 😉