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Mannikin Studios releases Grimm's Cat and Father Christmas

Mannakin Studios have added two new figures - Grimm's Cat and Father Christmas - to their online store. Grimm's Cat From their announcement:
We’re delighted to announce that Grimm’s Cat and Father Christmas are now available to order from the Mannikin Studios website. Father Christmas was originally intended to be released one month after Grimm’s Cat, but since the latter is late we’ve decided to make them available together. Grimm’s Cat is based on artwork from Arthur Rackham’s illustrated edition of The Fairy Tales of the Brothers Grimm, and is the first of twelve models planned for our series of fae trees. The model is comprised of two parts, measures 32mm to the top of the cat’s head, and includes one round 40mm base. Grimm’s Cat was sculpted by Jody Siegel of Imbrian Arts. Father Christmas is Rackham’s classic rendition of the holiday character, which originally appeared in Arthur Rackham’s Book of Pictures. The model is comprised of two parts, comes with two options for his sack (elves or presents), measures 35mm to the highest point, and includes one round 30mm base. Father Christmas was sculpted by David Ayral of Anakron Miniatures Studio. Both models were cast in an ultra fine resin of French vintage, are comprised of small delicate parts, are intended for advanced modelers, and require some modeling and assembly. They are priced at just $12.50 USD + $5.00 shipping worldwide.