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Mangrove Games Announces Hollywood Death Race

People love to talk about hypothetical situations and see how things would turn out. Like, who would win a race between the Batmobile and the Delorean from Back to the Future? What if the Batmobile were being driven by Elliot and E.T. and the Delorean was driven by Lara Croft? Would that change things? That's the sort of stuff you can find out in Hollywood Death Race, a new game coming to Kickstarter this October from Mangrove Games.

About the game:

You've always dreamed of seeing your favorite heroes from the 80's race each other? With Hollywood Death Race, you won't dream it anymore, you'll live it!

In a not-so distant future where all art forms have been banished, Hollywood is now just a deserted no-man's land.
You and other has-been dopplegangers get together clandestinely inside a huge Hollywood movie studio, where you take part in crazy (we won't say wacky) races, racing through movie set after movie set, desperately looking for (not Susan, but) fame, props... and Effixium (but mostly Effixium).

HDR (for short) is a game by Phil Vizcarro, illustrated by Franck Barré & Antonio Vizcaino and edited by Mangrove Games.

Pick your pilot and your vehicle, and throw yourself in a race full of danger, traps and low blows. Don't trust anyone, stay alert, avoid your opponents special attacks and use yours to win the race!

Kickstarter coming in October.