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Mango Republic, a new political board game, up on Kickstarter

Mango Republic is a new, humorous, political board game that's looking for funding over on Kickstarter.


From the campaign:

Mango Republic is a self-published tabletop game I originally started working on in 2006. I was living in Cambodia then and the country was — as it has been for decades — on the brink of madness. At the same time, the paragon of democracy that was Thailand flopped from one crisis to another, flirting with crippling populist protests, a military coup and bitter political infighting. And next door was Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia ... basically an endless buffet of bizarre governmental shenanigans.

Instead of writing another column (I've got plenty of those), I decided to make a game of it. This would be a tabletop game that would poke fun at ridiculous political antics, allow players to imitate the over-the-top egos of the region's leaders, and play at a simplistic form of representative democracy. Also, it would be fun.

Because crushing your political enemies is fun. At least the leaders of a great many countries seem to think so.