Mandollies episode 20 posted

Episode 20 of the Mandollies podcast has been uploaded to their website. From their announcement:
After abit of a break where I was hit by dreaded Nurgle, Mandollies is back. In this episode Adam Gooley & James Moorhouse join me to discuss playing games at different points levels and how it impacts army design and composition. Dallas Kimber pops in to talk about a one dayer teams tournament for 40K that boasted 56 players and finally; Adam Wonderly & Rowan Keating discuss there thoughts of Vigilance and 3000pt Fantasy Games If you have any questions or comments; please send them to and if you liked the show; please leave a itunes review.
  • 0:00:36 Intro with James Moorhouse & Adam Gooley with a wrapup of Vigilance
  • 0:41:56 Topic of the Week: Playing at different Points Levels.
  • 1:20:56 Interview with Dallas Kimber and his successful Pro-Am Doubles 40K Tournament
  • 1:36:57 Interview with Rowan Keating & Adam Wonderly and there impressions of Vigilance and playing with 3000pt armies.