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Man-O-War Theme Force Now Available For Warmachine

In Khador, the philosophy is "bigger is better." So they don't just make warjacks, they make huge warjacks. They don't just make armored soldiers, they make huge armored soldiers. They are the Men-O-War. And they are getting a new theme force box for Warmachine. There's also a new version of one of the original warcasters for the game, as well as a Legion of Everblight release is sneaking into this batch of releases.

From the announcement:

Girded in steel and steam, the Man-O-War of the Armored Corps are the foremost mechanized heavy infantry of the Iron Kingdoms. They meld the might of machinery with Khador’s irrepressible patriotism and fighting spirit, bringing ruin to those who oppose the Empire. Man-O-War soldiers and their armor are inseparable components of a united whole. The steam-driven strength of machines and armor can withstand punishment beyond that of mere flesh.
Take command of the unstoppable armored might of Khador with this box, which contains a full auxiliary force of the Man-O-War’s Armored Corps ready to support your warcaster’s battlegroup.
o 33085 Man-O-War Demolition Corps (plastic)
o 33129 Sergeant Dragos Dragadovich (resin/metal)
o 33128 Kommandant Atanas Arconovich & Standard (resin/metal)
o 33089 Battle Mechaniks unit (6 models) (metal)
o 33131 Man-O-War Suppression Tanker (resin/metal)
o 33122 Greylord Forge Seer (resin/metal)