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Malifax version 2 Stat Card redemption program

Wyrd Miniatures have posted details of their Malifax version 2 Stat Card redemption program as well as PDF files with the new cards. From their announcement:
The wait is over. The V2 PDFs are here, as is the card replacement program. The replacement program provides those of you "old guard" who have the v1 stat cards an opportunity to get the v2 cards without buying duplicate models or a box of stat cards. "So how will it work?" you say. Between today, January 3, 2011, and March 15, 2011, everyone will have the opportunity to mail in their current v1 stat cards along with a self-addressed, stamped envelope to Wyrd, and we will replace those v1 stat cards with the updated v2 cards. International customers will be able to utilize International Reply Coupons to do the same. If you have a local Henchman, you can contact him or her and hand over your cards to them. The Henchman will take care of it from there. Just be sure to stay in contact with the Henchman for any information. If you do not have a local Henchman, you can send the cards directly to us here at WYRD HQ in a SASE and we will send along replacements directly to you. Please keep in mind, if it takes you a certain amount of money to mail the cards to us, it will very likely take the same amount to return them. Please place an appropriate amount of stamps on the envelope. If you have laminated cards, we will take them in as well. Just don't expect them back laminated. Furthermore, we're only accepting v1 cards, not damaged v2 cards you may have. If for some reason your favorite pet decided to get in on the fun as well and tore up your v1 cards, we'll take those as well... as long as they haven't been processed through the digestive system and 'reclaimed'.