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Malifaux Worldwide Campaign Signups Going On Now

Wyrd tossed in the little snippet that they were taking sign-ups for their Malifaux Worldwide Campaign in their Monday preview yesterday. Now we've got a bit more detail to go on, including what the worldwide event will mean for both Malifaux and Through the Breach. The Event will go from September to December.

For Malifaux, it will focus on the fighting going on in the Badlands. This portion of the Event will go until November 30th. Get in contact with your local Henchman to figure how to get your game results to them. Players will have to pick a faction to use during the Event. You will get special access to a subforum online for your chosen group.

For Through the Breach, will focus on Malifaux City and the reactions therein to the discovery of Nythera. This part will begin on September 14th and go until December 7th. You'll want to talk to your Fatemaster about this one. The RP portion of the Event will consist of three one-shot adventures, including pre-generated characters. These adventures will eventually be turned into a Penny Dreadful download.