Malifaux Terraclips sold out

By tgn_admin
In Terrain
Aug 17th, 2011
617 Views is reporting a manufacturer sell out of the Malifaux Terraclips terrain sets from Wyrd Miniatures.

From their website:

Wyrd Miniatures has informed us that they have sold out of the first print run of the Terraclips Terrain. They have started the reprint process and, barring unforeseen shipping delays, we will see them in time for Christmas. As of right now, we still have them in stock to meet your needs.

  • Jon F

    Man alive! Did they even hit the shops yet? Did I miss them?

    • PanzerKraken

      Manufacturer sell out, just means they sold out and shipped all they made. Most stores are just getting in the product now so you should be able to still get them for a while, but after the stores sell out, it will be a while before they are restocked, so pick em up as soon as you can.

  • blackfang

    Good sign. I hope they do a sci-fi version someday.

  • widgren

    this is good news! if they sell well then more sets will come.

  • ninja007

    I was not enthusiastic about the durability of punchout terrain. Then at GenCon, I saw the sets of this stuff left on the Malifaux tables 24 hours a day for the entire con, being used pretty much nonstop in the miniatures halls. Even on Sunday it still looked good. I figure if it can take that kind of abuse, then the vastly smaller amount of wear from abeing used in a game shop or someone’s home will be nothing.

  • Mahrdol

    If I knew how long it would take to set up a board I may be more interested in picking them up.

    • Nightbee

      You could probably find some demo videos on YouTube. The owner of my local shop was playing a bunch of them for other customers last week.

      • Mahrdol

        I found a review and they said it takes around 3 hours to setup. They look cool but for me they are not 3 hour setup cool. I would rather be playing then setting something up for that long. If you have the time and space to leave the built map around I could see getting them.

        • PanzerKraken

          Set up time is going to vary really. As with anything like this with building it depends greatly on the person doing it. The first time you try to build up a scenario I can see it taking a long time as you try to figure out how to build things right, but once you learn the best way things go together iit should be a breeze, and really probably many will leave many parts of their creations built and together in storage rather than break it completely down.

        • Zac

          It might take that long to set up the very first time you assemble it but there are parts in every set that either stay permanently assembled or can be kept in one or more pieces to make it easier to re-assemble later.

          There is no reason you need to disassemble the buildings unless you want to rebuild them so you could just as easily put them on a shelve or in a box until you game next.

  • keltheos

    Steup time varies by how detailed you want your arrangement, how many clip connections you need to make (for example, you don’t have to clip every single portion of a floor area together, clipping half the connections is usually enough).

    For GenCon, it took between 3-5 folks who had never touched Terraclips before about 3-4 hours to assemble all the terrain that was used for 18 (16?) Malifaux tournament tables and the 4 demo tables we used at the con. It goes together and breaks down remarkably fast – even faster if you’ve got your stuff organized and have practiced with it a bit.

    As PK and Zac have said, leave together things you’ll be using over and over again, that’ll shave time off as well.