Malifaux GenCon products now available

By tgn_admin
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Aug 4th, 2011

Wyrd Miniatures have made their GenCon 2011 Malifaux products available from a special section in their online store.

  • tredhed

    Uhhhh…yeah….good luck with that.

    I have spent almost 2 hours trying to make a $60 order. Store keeps crashing or changing the shipping prices on me.

  • tredhed

    and is now just throwing database errors…..

  • Zac

    I’m having no luck either. I’ll try later and hope that the figs I want aren’t sold out

  • There are problems on the site and forum as well : it’s slow and then it crashes.

  • I lucked out. Took me half an hour though to finally get my order through.

  • Paintbeast

    Got my order off, after being dumped multiple times. The Paypal screen showed a $25+ shipping charge; however, when you return to the store it automatically selects UPS shipping ($12 in this case). It wasn’t the shipping option I wanted, or the cheapest option…but at least it wasn’t the insane $25+ shipping that would result in me having to drive out and pick up the package at the depot.

    I had to pass on the Puppet Wars box. I kept getting dumped when I tried to add it.

    • Paintbeast

      My point being: The high Paypal reported shipping isn’t final.

  • Copernicus

    Wyrd’s latest twitter post says half the Nightmare stock is gone. However, they don’t indicate if that is total stock or Gen Con stock.

  • nilus

    Thats half the stock they have with them at the Con. My understanding is there is a large amount still back at the Warehouse for online orders.

    Also the load has lessened and the online store is running a lot smoother now. I would get your orders in now before it starts crashing again when they add the Kirai Avatar.

  • The store was mobbed and the server just couldn’t keep up with it. We rebooted a couple times and now the tide has gone down a bit to manageable levels and should be good to go over the weekend.

    Big thank you to everyone, and naturally apologies for the wait or any hiccups that might have occurred (which we’ll naturally fix when we’re back in town).

  • tredhed

    I finally got my order in later in the afternoon. I understand about the servers getting all wonky. I hope Wyrd doesnt have to fix too much and everyone gets the stuff they asked for. Wyrd has been a solid company to deal with in my experience so far.

  • darkendlight

    Put my order in this morning so that I could get Kirai and it took less than 10 minutes.

  • Veritas

    Got my order in last night. The server was really slow, but it didn’t drop me so I can’t complain.

  • Scud

    Sorry for my ignorance, but are the Gencon items unique to Gencon or will I be able to get them later?

    • Brant

      The two nightmare edition models (Teddy and the Dead Justice box) are Gencon exclusive and more than likely will not be available after.