Malifaux Errata and FAQ posted

Wyrd Miniatures have posted errata and FAQ documents for Malifaux. All these links are to PDF files.

From their announcement:

We are pleased to announce the official Errata and FAQ to support Malifaux.

Wyrd has been listening closely to the Malifaux community and wanted to do our best to fix any issues that have arisen in the printed rules, as well as answer all your common questions about the game.

We have worked to create a comprehensive document the first time around in order to avoid making future errata. While this created a document slightly longer than we had hoped, we were focused on getting it done right the first time around.

The majority of the document is dedicated to clarification, but there are a few changes that are included as well. We sincerely hope that these documents can work to enhance your enjoyment of Malifaux: