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Malifaux Divergent Paths Event Launches Today

Gaming is a great way to bring people together. Have some friends over. Grab a game. Get playing. Or head to the LGS and get some games in with your buddies. But what about a global sort of thing? It doesn't take video games to get you to feel that link with gamers all over the globe. Events such as Wyrd's Divergent Paths event for Malifaux, which is launching today, can bring that to you as well.

But what, exactly, is it? Well, every-other week for the next couple months, Wyrd will put out a new story encounter involving three characters. Players then take those characters, along with their Malifaux sets, and play through those scenarios. They'll then report their results online. Depending on what happens on the tabletop, the stories of those three characters will change and grow as the event continues. You and your friends will have a direct hand in shaping those stories.