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Maki Games previews more 3D renders of upcoming terrain pieces

Maki Games has crossed their funding goal over on Kickstarter. Woot!
They've also posted some more 3D renders of terrain they're working on for the campaign.

From the update:

Hi guys,

here's a sneak preview of an unlocked theme to help us reach the basic goal and show you some stretch goals.

Since we got a lot of questions about how much space we can cover with our terrain elements, here is a picture showing what you can do with a Scout Pledge: 35$, 2 terrain elements!

With only 2 elements you can easily create a 2'x2' battleground for your miniatures.

Stay tuned for an example of a 4'x2' battleground covered by a smart arrangement of only 5 terrain elements and for something that will give a new meaning to the words: "3 dimensional wargaming" ;)