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Make your own Camelot... even if it's only a model

Sally 4th has new 28mm Castle sets available over in their webshop.


From the release:

We have had a very busy couple of weeks at Sally 4th with all the new products for Crossed Lances to design and manufacture, but somehow we have also made time for a major castle release. This release includes the long awaited 20' high random stone finish wall sections. We have provided some variety in the initial release with 5 variations of the 20’ wall section.

•Standard 20’ wall section
•Double width 20’ wall section
•20’ wall section with wooden walkway
•20’ wall section with sally port and wooden walkway
•20’ wall section with opening hinged double gates

To go with the walls we have designed a series of 3 story towers with a matching random stone finish. There is a standard corner tower and in line tower, but what is really exciting is the mix and match tower system. This enables you to design the castle that you want by purchasing towers consisting of a set of common tower components and 4 walls from the initial 10 walls that we have available. The ten, three story wall sections include walls with overhanging garderobes and two balcony options, together with standard variations of door and arrow slit placement. Over the coming months we are planning to allow even more options by releasing optional tower tops in a variety of crenelated styles.

The complete castle shown here can be purchased for £520 as a pre-painted kit ( a saving of 20% over purchasing individual components).

All models are available either un-painted or pre-painted in 5 castle colours (Granite, Slate, Limestone, Sandstone & Whitewash).

20’ wall sections start at £10.25 and 3 story towers are £23.50.
We have added a comprehensive photo gallery showing 25 shots of the complete castle (together with its out-lying tiltyard!)