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Make-Believe Games posts update for I Am Zombie Kickstarter

Make-Believe Games posted a long update in their I Am Zombie RPG Kickstarter campaign.

From the update:

Most of the core concept are done, but precisely how the setting and the rules will work together, well that takes more time. Many Kickstarter RPG projects tell you little about the setting and almost nothing about the game system, we tell you everything, a snapshot of where we are at, but its important to realize how much of it is yet to come."

I am happy to announce that ANYONE who backs the project at $20 or more, will have their name in the book as a backer at that level. You will be immortalized in the book, as the ones who brought the game to life and helped tabletop RPGs progress. There are only few days left, lets make those few days count. Pledge, share, let everyone know that there is a new game coming to town.

I AM ZOMBIE is a game I truly believe in. I love this game we came up with and I hope you will love it as much as I do. Please don't let it fail, please help me make it succeed, please don't let this be the end of my career in gaming!