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Make a Mess Board Game Up On Kickstarter

I do not own a cat (or, from what I know of cats, "I am not part of the staff for a cat"), nor have I ever. But many of my friends have, and of course I've seen plenty of cat videos on the internet (cats on the internet? Who would've though?). They can be rather messy creatures, even as much as they're known for being clean, themselves. The comic Catsass has long made the peculiar actions of cats a subject of humor, and now they've got themselves a board game up on Kickstarter.

In the game, players play as cats looking to make a mess. Players get a hand of Cat Prank cards and must try and play all of them. Each card has a points cost on it, and if a room gets more than 10 points in it, you must put your Paw Pawn in the room. When the owners of the apartment go into a room with a Paw Pawn in it, that cat is out of the game. The object is to either play out all your cards or be the last cat still in the game. The campaign has both a "normal" version and a "nsfw" version.

They've already made it over their funding goal and still have 25 days left to go through some stretch goals.