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Magpie Miniatures back again

Brigade Models was searching through an old pile and found some molds they'd not seen in a while from Magpie Miniatures. So they've re-released them over in their webshop.


From the re-release:

Long ago we at Brigade Models did some mould-making for the talented Dutch sculptor/artist Cindy Dukino. We've recently agreed with Cindy to re-release her figures for sale through our website and from our stand at shows.

There are eight rather cute fantasy figures in the range, although with a bit of arm-twisting we're hoping she might make one or two more.

MGP-101 Eric
MGP-102 Mabel
MGP-103 Susan and Grumps
MGP-104 Ben
MGP-105 Tiffany
MGP-106 Hambo
MGP-107 Chris
MGP-108 Esther

All figures retail at £3.00 GBP.