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Magnets. How do they work?

20 Grand Games has announced the release of Magnets, their new dexterity-based game that takes the concept of Marbles into the 21st century.



From the announcement:

It's the tossing game of spontaneous magnetic chain reactions. It’s a portable, pocket-able, absolutely-must-play-able update on the game of marbles. It’s Magnets: The Game, and it’s ready for retail and wholesale for the upcoming holiday 2014 season.

Here’s how it works: Inside the game’s slick, 3" round packaging tin are 30 C-1 ferrite magnets and a neoprene ring. This ring creates a contained dynamic playing area ripe with kinetic potential. One to five players then toss a magnet into the ring and await their unknown fate: Will it repel the other magnets? (Boo!) Or, will it attract? Or—better yet—stack!

Magnets: The Game allures players to put a twist of luck into each skillful throw. Cause a stack of 4 or more and they’re yours for continued play! Retrieve just the stack, leaving the other magnets undisturbed. When less than three are left, the game is done. Collect the most, and you have won!

Let the magnets roll: Amazing, unforeseen reactions might occur!

Magnets: The Game is being produced by 20 Grand Games and is currently selling in retail stores and festivals, and is taking retail and wholesale orders online at The game is shelf-ready with a lead-time of 6 weeks for new factory orders. Priced at $15 ($8 wholesale), Magnets: The Game makes for a must-have stocking stuffer this season. No need for a bow: Magnets: The Game can slip into a pocket or purse, ready to play through any delay, making it a smart gift for ages fourteen to 104.

THE BACK STORY: Magnets: The Game was originally founded by a pack of art school grads in an abandoned shower curtain factory, near the Navy Yard of Brooklyn, NY. From a box of 1,000s of disc magnets, Magnets: The Game was born, with a single, simple rule: “Cause a stack to form and it's yours!” Many rule variations have been made since then and many more are to be developed. Some of the variations already made make the game more co-operative, more strategic, and/or more chaotic. Make your own house rules and share them on Magnets: The Game’s Facebook page.