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Magination Magnetic Game System Up On Kickstarter

Recently I saw a .gif going around my friend's pages that was a bunch of magnets set on a table. A new magnet is added and suddenly everything goes "popcorn" as the magnets all start jumping up and connecting together. I didn't realize it at the time, but that's actually part of a game. Or, more appropriately, it's part of a magnetic gaming set that's currently up on Kickstarter.

There's several games that you can play with the set, and more are being developed all the time. The group there are likening the magnetic set to a deck of cards. (though we all know the first thing we're going to do when we get a set is we're going to recreate that .gif about a hundred times. Then we'll get into the games). The games are various dexterity and placement-based ones, such as shooting one of the magnets out and trying to get as close as you can to a target object (like horseshoes), while another has you bouncing magnets over one row of magnets and hopefully onto another.

The campaign's more than 4x funded with still 9 days left to get in on the action.