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Magic Duels: Origins Now Available

A couple months back, we told you about Magic Duels: Origins, a new, free, online way to play Magic: The Gathering. Well, now it's available for iPad and iPhone. Those of you with such iDevices can download the game and start creating your decks.

Currently only on the iPad and iPhone, Magic Duels: Origins will later be available for XBox and PC via Steam later this month. PlayStation 4 players will have to wait a little later in the year to get their copy, though.

Magic Duels: Origins is entirely free to play. There's unlockable cards as you play and multiple ways to play, including various multiplayer options including Two-Headed Giant. For those that want to just play on their own, though, there's solo-play against various enemy AI decks. If you've never played Magic before, there's tutorials for both gameplay as well as deck construction. Regular content upgrades will mirror Magic: the Gathering card sets, starting with Magic Origins.